How To Play World of Warcraft

It can be challenging for new gamers to learn how to play World of Warcraft. While the game itself is fairly basic, there are a few basic steps that need to be completed in order to play this online video game.

First, verify that the computer meets the system requirements before purchasing and downloading the basic game. The expansion packs like the Wrath of the Lich King are great options for additional content but are not required. For new users who don't want to make the investment, playing the trial version is also possible. However, there are some limitations and only last up to 14 days before expiring. Ensure that the computer speeds and storage is sufficient before purchasing.

Secondly, start playing the game. After logging in, users are prompted to select a server. There is the option of normal which is the standard game and a good one for beginners. Player versus Player is a modified version.

Role playing has specific codes of conduct and naming. Read the guidelines before selecting this option. RP-PvP this is a player versus player server that uses the role-playing rules.


Third, start on the normal server. New players should become familiar with the game dynamics before transferring to another server. It's also a good idea to choose the medium populated realms. These tend to have a stable economy and have a good amount of other players.

Fourth, create a character. Choose either Horde or Alliance and then choose the specific race. After this, choose a class. Avoid making these choices based on looks. It's a good idea to read the information about all of the options and then follow instincts to have the most valuable character in the game.

Fifth, when first starting in the game world, begin by becoming acquainted with the user interface. Users have the option of downloading add-ons or supplementing the default version. Explore the world before choosing any add-ons, but these are a great way to personalize the game. has a good collection of add-ons available. Be sure to scan each download for viruses before installing.

Sixth, understand how to move the character. New gamers might not understand the keys to move their players. The WASD keys, mouse, trackball, or arrow keys can all be used to move. After becoming familiar with the controls, look at the action bar located on the bottom left. This is a status bar that has the stored spells and abilities.

After becoming familiar with key strokes, take advantage of the build-in add-ons like the additional actions bars and the key binding. Make sure that any changes to the bindings are close to the most used keystrokes. This can make playing much more easy.

Seventh, near the spot where the player first appears in the game world, there will be a quest giver. These are non-player characters that will have yellow marks on their heads. Click on these players to see the quest and then accept. This will send users on their way to another quest giver or give a mission task to complete. After completing the quest, return to the quest giver to receive a reward.

During the adventures, there will be different exclamation points and question marks that are different colors. Grey means that the quest giver has a mission to perform, but only after the user has reached a certain level. Be sure to keep these in mind and return to them as you advance in levels. Green exclamation points will mean new flight paths. These make traveling much easier. Blue is saved for continued collection missions.

Eighth, get ready for your first fight. There will be enemies that are levels 1,2, or 3 close to the starting point. Begin an attack by clicking on the enemy. Users can take advantage of their spells and abilities by choosing the buttons on the action bar or by using the corresponding key on the keyboard.

This is the basic strategy for how to play World of Warcraft. Travel through Azeroth by completing quests and killing enemies. After starting in normal mode, try the other options available to expand skills and enjoy the game. World of Warcraft is a great game that can be learned easily. Click here for 5 How to Play World of Warcraft Tips.

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