5 Tips on How To Play World of Warcraft

Wow leveling guideHere are 5 general tips that will help you enjoy World of Warcraft, they can be used as a WOW Tailoring Guide. But before we get into that, there are a couple of things to remember.

After you've been playing World of Warcraft for a little while, you will want to turn off beginner tool tips. This can be done by clicking the interface button and moving down to the help section. There you can uncheck beginner tool tips.

You would be surprised at how many people do not do this. Another quick bit of advice is to install a "Mount Macro". This little bit of code helps you by automatically switching between your different mounts.

For example, if you're in one area and you're riding a flying mount, and then switch to another area which doesn't allow flying mounts. The macro will automatically switch you to one of your ground mounts, without you having to do anything, saving you time.

One great tip is to use "AuctionMaster". AuctionMaster is a small mod for your auction house. Instead of buying one item at a time, you can buy multiple items in a grouping. This saves you a lot of time when buying singular items which happens a lot in WOW's auction house.

You can also set the software to search for items such as herbs with a price of 1 gold or less with no bidding. The software will then search and retrieve a whole list of herbs costing less than one gold piece with no bid. This is a great way to pick up a lot of cheap things without having to search for them individually.

The next thing you can try is "Window Mode with background sounds". Most people know how to put their screen into window mode but you can also turn on the background sounds. These sounds will play alerting you when an event has happened.

For example, say you are fishing, most people don't want to stare at the screen waiting for fish to be caught. You can put yourself into window mode with background sounds on. You put that screen off to the side and now you can do something else such as watch a video. When your character has caught a fish the background sounds will alert you.

You can quickly switch screens, catch the fish and put it away. Now you can let your character continue to fish and you can continue to watch a video. This is very useful for times when you are milling, prospecting, fishing, smelting or any other boring tedious event.

Another tip that you can use is having a "Milling Macro". This is also be known as a prospecting or disenchanting macro. Let's say for example that you just picked up some gold clover. You click your milling button and you pick up clover one at a time.

The better way to pick up items is with a milling macro. You just click one button and it automatically mills very quickly, over and over again. You can also use this for prospecting or even disenchanting, if you are disenchanting the same item. You can have as many macros as you need to cover all the herbs, usually 3 to 4 macros will do.

The next step is "The Portal to Orgrimmar at the Stair of Destiny". Pretend you are trapped at one of the other capital cities, like Under City and you need to leave. What do you do? Should you take the zeppelin or boat? Nahhh! What you do is go over to the Mage Quarter or the Magic section of your town and take the portal to the Blasted Lands.

When you get to the Blasted Lands, you mount up and go through the dark portal. Now you're at the Stair of Destiny. Go forward and down to the right, you will find, drum roll please, a Portal to Orgrimmar! This is much quicker than the zeppelin or boat and it's almost instantaneous. Move like a pro.

The final tip is really cool. Let's pretend you check your mail and it's empty. You then go to the auction house and by some items, let's say three items. Then you walk away and check your mail again but the items that you just purchased have not arrived in your mailbox.

What you can do is reload your user interface, simply exit out and then reload back into the user interface. Now when you check your mail, the items you just bought are there! This is great for when you want to see the items immediately without having to wait. Also it will help you handle large amounts of mail without it becoming a problem. That's basically it! I hope you Enjoyed all the tips and tricks.

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