WOW Paladin Guide

World of Warcraft offers various character classes, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses. The Paladin is a very handy class to play and is one of the most popular choices. For a long time, it was only explicit for the Alliance players.

But with the Burning Crusade, Horde players were instigated into this class and were able to play the Paladin. A Paladin is equipped with great offensive skills along with good defensive skills and various useful spells. To build a perfect Paladin, you should consult a WoW Paladin guide and here is one such guide.

As mentioned above, Paladin is well equipped and is also able to use most melee weapons. A lot of these abilities emanated in the form of Holy magic school and the obvious physical attacks. "Bubble" or the divine shield is one of the most commonly used and known abilities of Paladin.

Bubble can be cast instantaneously and renders the immune to Paladin from all sorts of attacks from the enemies for the next 12 seconds. Apart from divine shield, divine intervention is also one of the most commonly used abilities that not only protect the Paladin, but their raid members from all sorts of physical attacks.

Paladin draeneiThe Paladin is well accepted by the players as they have various auras that benefit the entire party of raid members as well as buffs which also help other players of the group.

One of the drawbacks of paladin is that the abilities consume mana and there is no proper build for paladin to combat this drawback.

WoW Paladin Guide Talent Trees:Holy talent tree,Discipline talent tree,Retribution talent tree


Holy talent tree:
It is best suited for building a healing paladin. It primarily focuses on enhancing the effect of Paladins healing spells. A Holy Paladin is more than a capable healer and is known for its proficiency to heal quickly. Paladin is more focused on healing a single target and is somewhat lacking when it comes to group healing scenarios.

Remember when opting for a holy build it is very important to equip the Paladin with a lot of critical strike rate as it will enhance the Paladins healing capabilities and some of these will also regenerate manna.

Protection Talent Tree:
It is best suited for a tanking Paladin. Equipped with some cool abilities and a shield, Paladin is capable of creating high amounts of threat. Paladins are well equipped and well suited for tanking dungeons. Paladin tank is best at upholding aggro on several different targets simultaneously. Buffs such as Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Sanctuary can also be acquired in the protection talent tree.

Retribution talent tree:
paladin taurenWhile brandishing two-handed weapons and also being able to employ various other abilities that create great levels of damage, retribution Paladin is a very versatile class for both PvP and PvE.

It is in contrast to WoTLK, prior to which retribution Paladins were never welcomed in either PvP teams or raids. This is the reason for the boost they have received and are now counted among the stronger PvP builds and classes in the game.

Paladin resembles a resourceful and strong class. Sometimes battling a Paladin can be very frustrating because it seems as if they are invincible. In contrast to this, being a Paladin is an ecstatic experience.

This WoW Paladin guide explains almost all the strengths and weaknesses of various builds.

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