WOW Priest Guide

Faster LevelingPriests are devoted to the spiritual. They express their unfaltering faith by being of service to the people. They leave behind their temples and shrines in order to support all their allies wherever the war rages. No one, hero or man, dare question the priests orders when there is conflict all around.

They help their comrades to fight far beyond their normal capacities with their mastery over a large array of strong restorative blessings and powers.

The priests can also turn the divine forces they command against foes, bringing them down with fury that is holy.

A priest may delve into the shadows to better understand himself as well as his foes.

Priests use healing magic in order to strengthen themselves as well as their allies. They wield offensive spells of great power from a distance. However, they can be overwhelmed by enemies in one on one contact.

This is largely due to the fact that physically they are quite frail and are equipped with minimal armour. Priests, who also have the task of keeping their party alive, have to walk a careful line between this and their offensive powers

The type the priest falls under is Healer as well as 'Ranged Magic Damage Dealer'

The standard bars seen during game play are Health and Mana
As mentioned before, the priest is poorly armoured. His only available armour is cloth. The weapons available to the Priest are daggers, staves, one- handed maces and wands.

Priest Talent Tree
The three Talent Trees of the Priest are Discipline, Holy and Shadow.

priest night elfUnder this tree, the Priest is still able to perform his primary duty, i.e. healing, but can also absorb as well as deal damage with the use of the Power Word, focuses primarily on damage absorption and mitigation through use of the Power Word 'Shield'

Here the Priest delves into the dark world and deals with extreme damage. However, under this tree, the Priest is unable to use any Holy spells.



These spells are purely for the replenishment of health, both for the Priest as well as his party

The Priests talents can fortify their ability to heal the wounded, damage their enemies to a great extent using the spells under Shadow, or empower not just themselves but everyone in their party with prayers that give protection.

Priests make of their holy powers in order to restore not only their health but the health of their companions as well.

Ranged Damage
The shadow magic that the Priest uses can deal large amounts of damage immediately. It can also deliver wracking pains that can punish enemies for a greater duration.

Power Words
Priests can avoid incoming damage as well as improve their defences for both themselves and allies with the use of power words. Mystic shielding is one such power word. The other is holy empowerment.

Mind Control
Priests have a special ability to control the minds of all living beings. They can use this ability to manipulate the actions of others.

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