WoW Cooking Guide

There are certain professions in WOW that people tend to not like to level for any number of reasons. Cooking is quite often one of the professions that people forget about at some point.

Sometimes people find it a boring grind, or see no real benefit to it at all. But, there are some good reasons for anyone to level their cooking, and it is not that hard if you know how to do it and follow the information in a good WOW cooking guide. Let's look at 5 tips to help you level cooking right now.

Do The Dailies

Genn GreymaneThe various cities of each faction all have cooking dailies that you can do. These will offer various rewards depending on which one you get.

You can add 1 or more skill points to your cooking skill each time you complete one, along with some currency for recipes or food stuffs. They are rather random, and picked from a list so you never really know which quest you will get each day.

Darkmoon Faire Cooking Quest

Darkmoon Faire was recently revamped to be a lot more interesting. There are quests there for all of the professions, giving you another opportunity to get some easy skill points. They will reward a very nice 5 skill points when you complete them.

This can save a massive amount of time, especially when you are near the end of your cooking skill and it can be difficult to get skill ups from cooking green recipes.

Try Leveling Cooking With Fishing

Fishing is another profession that many people tend to not level. But, fishing and cooking work very well together.

For example, you can cook all of the fish that you catch which means you are basically leveling two professions at the same time. This is a nice time saving effect, and can really reduce the hassle of leveling both of them.

Follow A WOW Cooking Guide

If you are at all unsure about the best way to approach leveling your cooking skill in an efficient way, then using a good wow cooking guide will be a real help. They can help you a lot by letting you know exactly which foods to cook, in which order to cook them, and how many skill points to get from each batch.

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These really will save a tremendous amount of time and effort on your part, as all of the guesswork is taken out. You simply follow the blueprint and it is as easy as that. On top of this, many of the foods you will need you can get off the auction house, which will make things even faster.

Take Advantage Of Pilgrim's Bounty

This is a really good secret that very few people know about. The annual event called Pilgrim's Bounty includes recipes and easy to get ingredients that even low level character can complete.

During this event, you can get your cooking from 0 to 342+ in the absolutely easiest way possible. If the event is coming up when you are reading this, then you should definitely take advantage of it.

Cooking is not something that you should ignore on your characters. It can give you access to really nice buff food and other interesting things that you can cook for yourself. If you follow a nice wow cooking guide, you can do it as quickly and easily as possible.

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