WoW Shaman Guide

In World of Warcraft, Shamans are spiritual guides and practitioners who act as the moderators of the four elements, earth, fire, water, and air, to bring the chaos existing between these elements to a balance. They have totems that enable them to focus the elements to be able to support their allies or fight those who threaten them.

Shamans are unique because they have very interesting capabilities:

- They are very versatile and can heal, like the Druids, and can do ranged and even Melee DPS.

- They can wear any other type of armor class except plates and provide various totems that hinder the enemies which is only unique to them.

- They have a Ghost Wolf form to enable them travel faster.

- They can give themselves buffs to their various weapons.

- They can use reincarnation from time to time to resurrect themselves even in combat.

shaman draeneiTo maximize the Shaman's potential, you first need to customize them according to your liking to enable you enjoy as well as gain more professional experiences. You first need to choose a suitable race.

Few races can be made into Shamans. Each of these races has its own benefits so the choice depends on the benefits you want to achieve.

For instance, when playing Alliance, the Draenei, Burning Crusade) can be chosen to be Shaman. When playing Horde, you can choose: Orcs, Trolls or Taurens. Releasing Cataclysm Blizzard allows the Goblin and the Dwarf to be Shamans also.

You also need to choose a suitable profession. Since each profession carries various bonuses with it, it is important to choose one that can be very beneficial to you. These professions include: Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Inscription.

Some of the equipment Shamans can use to accomplish their tasks include: daggers, maces, two-handed axes, fist weapons, axes, staves and shields. In order to manage your Shaman well, you also need to take into account the following tips:

1. Understand what your Totems can do. Although most totems have general application, some of them such as tremor totem are only applicable in specific cases. Therefore it is important to know situations where the totem you intend to use can be necessary. Setting up a hockey bar with totems that are used less can help you achieve this.

2. Learn how to become a healer. This ensures you will never be at loss for groups.

3.Learn how to manage Mana. When a Shaman is out of Mana, heal over time spells cannot keep anyone alive. It is therefore important to manage Mana well by not casting healing spells unnecessarily.

4. Learn to work with the other Shamans. This ensures more overall damage output.

shaman dwarf5. Choose to play with the right stats. This depends on what stat you will be looking for.

You can choose: Elemental Shamans who focus on typical melee stats and interested in Crit, Spell Power and Hit, Intellect and Haste;

Restoration Shaman who look for stats that enhance their healing abilities like Spell Power, Crit, Intellect and Haste and Enhancement Shamans who look for stats like: Haste, Agility, Hit, Armor Penetration, Expertise and Strength.

6. Choose a race and profession you like, to help you enjoy and manage the Shaman easily.

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