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World of Warcraft Warriors games is very strong class to play. They have powerful combat techniques which are perfect at inflicting damage and also capable of withstanding immense amount in return.

Because of this they are the favorite class for a lot of players, particularly those who like solo play style. This wow warrior guide, will tackle various aspects of how one can play the game, and also teach you skills and tips on the best ways to play with your warrior.

A warrior is close-combat melee fighter who normally takes the limelight as the task of the tank. They can survive violent physical punishment, and poses many abilities to attract and disable enemies. Apart from this the warrior can also inflict strong combat damages when instructed.

warrior humanRage, used for warrior capability is normally caused by the taking and dealing of damage.

Warriors extremely depend on their gear because their ability to survive and inflict damages squarely depend on the type and quality of their weapons and armor.

Any player who wants to play Warrior has a wide range in World of Warcraft games to choose from. Players who play in the Alliance faction can decide to play from all the five races; Gnome, Dwarf, Human, Draenei and Night Elf.

Humans is most likely the best Warrior class for you to pay it is easier to see the Stealth Rogues due to the class' perception ability, and, the Mace and Sword specialization allows the warrior to inflict more damage. In Draenei, the pros of self healing makes it extremely beneficial when soloing.

When you have decided to play Horde, you can choose Troll, Orc, Tauren or Undead. Taurens and Orcs are basically the best choice. Tauren has 5% of extra health racial bonus, and Orcs has a speciality in Axes and resisting stuns due to their Hardiness, this often makes them to be the favorite choice for the game.

For early leveling play, you need top spam Heroic Strikes as much as possible. The Battle Shout should be kept active at any time you have engaged in a combat. Once you have learnt Rend and Charge, do your best in order to put the Rend's debuff on the enemy at all time while opening the battle with Charge. You should try to move faster from killing one enemy to the next mob so that you do not waste Rage.

warrior night elfWhen you reach level ten, the warriors will have access to the Talent Trees. There is 3 Talent Trees for example, the Fury, Arms and the Protection Trees.

The Arms Tree contains mainly offensive and utility abilities. The Furry Tree helps in more offensive damages while the Protection Tree enhances the defensive capabilities further.

These features are particularly useful to those who are playing tank roles.

On the other hand, when playing Warrior, your priority should be killing enemies as fast as possible while doing serious damage, and for itself, you should invest talent points in Furry and Arms Trees.

There are three important stances for combat situations in this wow warrior guide, basic Battle stance for maintaining a proper balance between offence and defense. Berserker stance is used for attack and high damage dealing, while Defensive stance is for tanking and protection. You can check out this fantastic video on a Night Elf Warrior

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