World of Warcraft Mining Guide

If you are new to the online game of World of Warcraft, you have no doubt been introduced to the various crafting and farming skills that can be used to earn  gold, the main currency in the game. There are many different skills you can choose from including mining which simply involves finding ore nodes and using a mining pick to harvest the ore and any bonuses therein. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it?

As a miner, you can sell the ore as is or convert it into bars and sell them in the auction house as a way to make money. While it might seem like mining in the world of Azeroth should be relatively easy, the reality is that it can be a challenging and time consuming unless you know where the best places to mine in each zone are and in many cases when the best times to be farming are.

Before you get carried away riding all over the lower level zones, trying to earn a living, there is a much faster and better way to get around since the Cataclysm expansion pack was released.

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Now with the appropriate flight skill, there is almost nowhere in all of the different zones of WoW that you cannot fly. Thus if you are just getting started leveling your mining, you should concentrate more on leveling your character and increasing your flying skills until you can fly everywhere.

The next thing you need is one of the third party add-ons that let you track where you have mined and can help you to find more nodes. The reality is that most nodes tend to recur at the same location or within a few game feet of where you found it last.

With an add-on like Gatherer, you can establish specific patterns or tracks that you are going to follow every time you go farming.

The simplest thing to remember is that while there are always going to be a few random nodes, the vast majority of them appear in the same basic location or nearby every time they spawn. Speaking of nodes, if you are new to mining you may not understand the color-coding system that Blizzard has created so that when you click on a node you automatically know if your skill level is high enough to successfully mine the node.

The color coding system is simple:

• Red: You cannot mine these nodes yet
• Yellow: You can mine the node and earn a skillup
• Green: You can mine and might get a skillup
• Grey: You can mine but no increase in skill level will be achieved

As far as where the nodes are likely to appear, they are all based on the level of the area you are in so for example if you are farming in low level areas such as the various starter areas, you are going to find copper, but you need to be in the Twilight Highlands of the Cataclysm expansion pack to find Pyrite. Keep in mind that while this is generally the case, it is quite possible to come across a rare mineral node in any area.

It is virtually impossible to over mine any area as each time you mine one node, another one is going to spawn elsewhere in the zone. On top of this, you should mine every node you come across no matter what type of ore it happens to be as you never know when this will cause a rare ore node to spawn.

While you can make good money by doing nothing more than mining and selling your ore in the auction house, but depending on which server you are playing on, you are likely to find that using the secondary skill of smelting your ore into bars is going to be far more profitable.

The best way to maximize your income in this manner is search your auction house to see which bars are selling for the highest value and then go mining for the ore you need or you can buy the ore cheaply in the auction house and resell the bars for a profit.

Mining can be a very profitable farming skill as long as you maximize your skills and take advantage of the highest selling ores and bars in the auction house.

Remember that while you can level your mining as you level your character, you may find that it is better to wait until your character can concentrate on mining to build your skill levels rapidly and maximize your income potential. If you are looking for a faster way to level up try the Ultimate wow Leveling Guide

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