World of Warcraft Warlock Guide

In World of Warcraft (WoW), the Warlock is one of the classes that is used to play the game. Warlocks are more involved as they have Soul Shard (a reagent component required for some spells), spell combos and minions.

As this is the case, you will have tolearn some information about warlocks before you can play them effectively. The Warlock possesses a lot of fun and cool abilities that include minions, Fear, Eye of Kilrogg and many others. Once you learn to play it, a Warlock is avery versatile and fun class to play.

Soul Shards
A Warlock in WoW requires the use of Soul Shards for particular minions and spells. To get it, you will have to use 'Drain Soul' on a monster when it is dying. The only challenge in this case is the inability to get a Soul Shard from a monster that does not give experience.

warlock blood elfThis means if you happen to be in a newbie area and kill monsters, you will not receive Soul Shards from them.

Since each shard uses up one space in your bag, it is advisable to carry a reasonable number to avoid overstuffing.

When you are using 'Drain Soul', you will be unable to do other activities like casting another spell, attacking or moving. Note that Soul Shards cannot be stacked! The game is designed this way for balancing reasons.

If you happen to run out of the shards, you may find it challenging to get others since you will be unable to use most minions. The best option is using Imps along with DoTs. Once you have gotten a shard, you can comfortably change to a more powerful minion for your attack.

To control minions, you will be required to have the necessary skill and knowledge. With this in mind, it is advisable to learn the best minion to use for each situation. The Health Funnel is good for use with minions.

It will give health to a minion continuously depending on certain conditions. In the event you need health, you can decide to get healing from another person, use a particular potion or cast Drain Life. Due to the fact that it is a leash spell, it will be cancelled if it is interrupted or if your target goes out of range.

warlock undeadWarlocks are capable of creating special stones. They can give such stones to other players or use on themselves. Bear in mind the fact that stones normally disappear when you end a session.

As a result, you will be able to use stones in the game session that you made them. When you log back in, new stones have to be created for use during that session.

Monsters hate management is the most common challenge in WoW. It normally happens between you and your minion.

A second challenge is ensuring high efficiency when controlling your minion's skills and skills you possess. Lastly, mastering the art of Soul Shard usage and collecting is not easy. All these challenges can be overcome when you practice consistently.

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