World of Warcraft Druid Guide

A druid can be classified as a class in the World of Warcraft (WoW) game. They are the most adaptable type of class in the game. With this in mind, they are capable of changing into ninjas melee DPS, tanks, casters and healers. Druids in the game can change their form when need arises between walrus (swim speed), cat (melee DPS), cheetah (speed), bear (tank), bird (flight) and tree (talent or healing). Each of these forms has different abilities.

druid trollKeep in mind that each ability can only be used by its corresponding form. Depending on their gear and spec, they can fit into most of the situations arising in the game.

When you decide to choose a druid, you are not choosing a single class as you will end up with an entire army of classes.

This army of classes has the capability of doing almost anything imaginable in WoW.


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In WoW, druids are considered to be a hybrid class capable of choosing their role in a situation or during battle. Depending on the situation, druids can do damage both magically and physically. They are interesting to use in the game and one can use them either in group or solo play.

You can also use them as an interactive way to switch the physical appearance of your character. They are highly sought after in groups as they have many uses which can be applied in the game. One of their main reasons for popularity in WoW is their capability of buffing their allies with some of the best buffs.

Since druids can fill any possible role that is required in a group, they are considered to be ultimate in versatility. The healing capability of a druid is normally accomplished by using Heals over Time (HOTs).

druid worgenHOTs are almost all instant cast abilities, meaning druids can be moving around during a fight and still heal effectively. During a fight, druids have the ability of changing between forms instantly.

This ability makes them capable of escaping an attacker while increasing their capability of becoming better at different things.

In WoW, druids are considered to be exceptionally strong. This is mainly due to their versatility and mobility.

Though these are considered as druids' major strengths, other strengths can be seen by different users when they are playing the game.

Races, armor and weapons
Only four different races in World of Warcraft are the ones that can be used to choose druids. They are Worgen, Night Elf, Troll and Tauren. Available armor that they can use is mainly cloth and leather. Druids have a wide selection of weapons to choose from which include, but are not limited to polearms, staves, daggers, one and two handed maces.

There are rumors about the use of cheat codes in WoW that can make a druid appear in other races. Other rumors suggest that you could be able to have additional weapons and armor when you are using a druid. The best way to learn the uses and strengths of druids is through practice. After all, where is the fun and satisfaction in winning a game with shortcuts?

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