Wow Skinning Guide 1 - 525

Wow Skinning Guide

Skinning is classed as one of the gathering professions in World of Warcraft, along with Mining and Herbalism. Whilst perhaps not the most glamorous of professions, it can be quite lucrative with high level leather and hides fetching good prices on the auction house. Skinning is usually paired with leatherworking, although some players choose to take two gathering professions.

Getting Started.

To get started, find a Skinning Trainer and learn skinning. You will also need to purchase a Skinning knife at the cost of a few copper. You do not need to equip the skinning knife, just keep it in your backpack.

Skinning Formula

There is a formula for working out the maximum level of the mobs you can skin but it is quite complex. For skinning levels 1-100 the formula is max_mob_level = (skill_level)/10+10 and for skinning levels 100 upwards the formula is max_mob_level = skill_level/5. Therefore if your skinning is level 200, the maximum mob level you can skin is 200/5 = 40.

Wow Skinning Levels

Below are the skill levels for skinning. From time to time you will need to go back and visit your trainer in order to reach the next level in the profession. For Faster Leveling get the Ultimate wow guide
1-75 - Apprentice
50-150 - Journeyman
125-225 - Expert
200-300 - Artisan
275-375 - Master
350-450-Grand Master
450-525 - Illustrious Grand Master

Best Places to Level Skinning.

Skinning is one of those professions which naturally levels as you level, but if you are power levelling skinning or need a quick reference, these are the best places to level skinning. Initially, due to the different Horde and Alliance starting areas, the best areas to skin will differ according to faction. However after around level 185, skinning areas become the same for both Horde and Alliance areas.

Levelling Skinning

1-75 - Durotar - Scorpids, Boars, Crocolisks
75-130 The Barrens - Plainstriders, Prowlers, Zhevra, Crocolisk, Giraffe, Boar, Raptor
130 - 185 Hillsbrad Foothills - Turtle, Lion,Bear, Ashenvale: Bears, Stags, Wolfs

1-75 Dun Morogh - Boars and Bears
75-130 Loch Modan - Crocolisks, Bears and Boars
130 - 185 Wetlands - Crocolisks

Both Factions:
185-225 Stranglethorn or Southern Barrens - Gorillas, Lions, Cats, Raptor, Hinterlands, Wolfs Owls
225-265 Dustwallow Marsh - Crocolisks,
265-300 Un Goro Crater - Dinosaurs
300-330 Hellfire Peninsula - Ravagers, Helboars
330-350 Nagrand -Clefthoofs, Elekks, Talbuk
350-400 Borean Tundra - Mammoth/Rhino
400-450 Sholazar Basin - Snakes, Hydras, Cats, Rhino
450-525 Hyjal - Stags/ Vash'jir - Sea Creatures

Skinning Bonuses and Enchants

Enchant Gloves - Skinning- adds +5 skinning skill to gloves. The formula drops from the Witherbark tribe in the Arathi Highlands.
Enchant Gloves - Gatherer - Enchants gloves to increase skill in the gathering professions by 5.

Finkles Skinner - an Ilevel 60 dagger which drops from The Beast in Upper Blackrock Spire - increases skinning by 10, also acts as a skinning knife
Zulian Slicer - a one handed sword which drops off High Priest Thekal in Zul'Gurub. Equip increases skinning skill by 10 and also doubles as a skinning knife. This item is no longer in game so unless you already have one, you will not be able to obtain this item. However if you do, you can dual wield with Finkles Skinner and add +20 to your skinning skill.

A Gnomish army knife can be used in place of a skinning knife.

Master of Anatomy

Skinning can provide a bonus to your critical strike through the Mastery of Anatomy buff. Seven levels of Mastery of Anatomy are available providing a maximum increase to critical strike of 80. This is automatically awarded as your skinning skill increases.

Top Skinning Tips

Corpses cannot be skinned unless they are fully looted. Using auto loot speeds up the entire process significantly.

For low level skinners <150, the Wailing Caverns instance can provide a quick boost for your skinning skill. It is brimming with skinnable mobs - both inside and out and it is possible to gain over 100 skill points here. Although it is deep in Horde territory, Alliance players can still access this instance, although it is advisable to take a higher level player with you and get them to summon you there due to the perils of travelling to the instance.

Certain areas such as the jungle areas of Stranglethorn, Nagrand and Sholazar Basin can be a gold mine for skinners. Following other players round and skinning their kills can be very profitable

Although it is tempting to farm only the high level materials such as Savage Leather there is a lot of money to be made farming lower level mobs. Prices for Medium and Heavy Leather are consistently high as many players prefer to buy in materials rather than farm them themselves.

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