WoW Leatherwoking Guide

Leatherworking is basically a profession in the Worlds Of War Game, where you utilizes the hard and tough hides of beast to make useful products like leather, amours, cloaks, bags, patches, mail amours, quivers jacket, leggings etc.

Leatherworking can be classified into three types of specialized categories, i.e. Tribal , elemental, and Dragon scale where specialized items are availed as per the category you are in, however there is no special tools required in leatherworking, you only require the raw material, and is similar to tailoring.

Compared to other professions such as blacksmith, leatherworking gives you freedom to work from anywhere provided the raw materials and the tools are available. You don't require a special place to craft your items. One captivating aspect of this skill is that one can use the drum that can give buff for a short duration.

Some seeming that in the leatherworking professions, profit is limited, as there are limits to the leather items crafted and each item can be used for two or more purpose, therefore the leatherworker has improve and learned new leatherworking skills.

We are going to check a few on how to improve your leatherworking skills and making a profit out of it.

Tip 1: Reinforce your leatherworking skills by training on other skills
Leatherworking is a skill that can be perfected in tandem with other skills, more so, the skinning skill.

Skinning skills will allow you to supply some of the raw material that you may need in leatherworking, and also help you boost your income from the sales of the raw materials to other leatherworkers .

As you advance in levels you will realize that purchasing leather will be an exorbitant affair and therefore low-level leatherworkers without the skinning skills might just find themselves out of business.

Only a few people would kill the low level mob when there is a greater opportunity of farming high level mobs with a greater output. Thus making it a lucrative profession for skinning skilled leatherworkers to thrive better than their low-level leatherworker's counterpart with no skinning skills, you will often find it hard to proceed to the next level when there is a shortage of leather for sale.

you can use the following tips to sharpen your skinning skills.Find an effective skinning knife, there are various knifes available all with different functionality, other with dual functionality such as the bladed pick axe which has both a knife and a blade for skinning. But the best tool so far is the gnome army knife.

Skin every beast you slay, it provides you with enough material for your leatherworking or even for sales.Make sure u completely search and loot the body before skinning it.Make sure you have enough space in your bag.  Adhere to the rules of skinning mobs slain by others, for best results, always wait for them to avoid a rushed skinning.

Always check the color code for the "skin-ability "of the animal before skinning it.Take advantage of the non-skinners killing mobs and skin their kills.  Go to the battle site where people are killing beast, skin the corpses and body left.

Tip 2: One can take suggested classes.
If you decide to take several classes, you might be able to gain an advanced and versatile leatherworking skills that might be of benefit in advanced levels. The suggested classes are Druid's class, the rogue's class, and the hunter's class, and the shaman's class.

Tip 3 taking leatherworking lessons
All the trainable skills in leatherworking profession can be taught at the starting points of the city, just like all the other professions in the game. There are ranks in leatherworking though all attained when you reach a certain level of skill and character. This training will give you an edge over competition and will help you advance this ranks easily as you increase your skills.

Tip 4: leather conversion
Leatherworkers have the ability to convert low quality leather materials obtained from skinning and turn them into high quality items. The quality of items made consequently increase the amount of the low quality leather material used in its creation.
It therefore means with advance skills you are able to turn the low quality leather material into high quality items.

Tip 5: Relative leatherworking skills
The leatherworking items are given color code depending on your ability to make items with the skills you already have gained. As you continue to increase your leatherworking skills the color codes of the patterns will  change respectively from red to orange to yellow to green to gray increasing and showing you the capability of making a pattern of items. You should continue to learn new patterns so as to continue honing your skills.

Tip 6: profiting from the leatherworking profession
Learning the value of each item is important as it would help you understand what items are more profitable. We're are going to look at each items individuallyLeg amours- The demand for them has been high since the burning crusade period.

Currently there are five different popular leg amours, and the versatile high qualities one will sell for a sizable amount of gold, more frequently. Timing is a key factor, since arena points are awarded mostly on Tuesdays, making your auction in the right time may earn you some decent profit.

The epic leg amours are quick and easy to profit from as they are require far less material to make. Leg amours are cheap to make and have neat returns.Drums- at a glance the drums might seem not to be a profitable item, as demand is usually low.

However since the paladins are more than druids, you may find profits from the sale of drums of the wild, therefore turning your jormungah scale and icy dragonscale into drums, giving colossal profits.  Bags-there are three types of bags, mammoth mining bag, Pack of endless pockets and trappers travelling bag.

Keep in mind that u can covert two regular bags into a single bag this can mint you great profits. The travellers bag, though not as common as the miners bag, can also be a source of good profits.  Leather- it has lower demand but also in some situation it can be profitable

The wow leatherwork can be a very profitable venture compare d to other professions in the game thus if you carefully consider the above tips, they will guide you to a profitable profession in the game.

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